Ryan C Heffernan, Personal Chef and Host

Trained at San Diego Culinary Institute, Ryan C Heffernan received an Advanced Professional Diploma in Cuisine Commis Culinary. He completed an externship at the Grand Del Mar Hotel in San Diego. He worked directly with amazing chefs who were able to train him how to work in a high end restaurant.

Ryan C Heffernan, who is also passionate about Surfing, specializes in cooking seafood. His specialities include maple salmon, tilapia scampi, and fish tacos. Ryan is a personal chef who has it all for the dinner party you were thinking of throwing, or maybe you had the dea to host a cooking party?

With an array of experience, Ryan C Heffernan provides excellent service and a friendly attitude.

Services Include:

  • Personal chef services in the areas surrounding San Diego and Coronado: He plans everything ranging from 5-entree dinner with sides to the post-meal cleanup.
  • Dinner party and event services allow you to stay out of the kitchen while we cook for your guests. We do it all for you. You just enjoy the evening and we will take care of the rest.
  • Adult cooking classes are also provided by Ryan C Heffernan. What’s a better way to spend an evening than to learn some cooking tips to make exquisite meals? Mr. Heffernan will come to your house, and teach you and your friends to cook something delicious!
  • Children’s cooking classes are a fun way to get your kids involved with their food. Ryan will come out and have the kids cook up something exciting.
  • Gourmet meal delivery is perfect for when you don’t feel like cooking, but would prefer to enjoy a fresh home-cooked meal. No worries. Chef Heffernan will cook it up himself, and deliver it to your house just in time for dinner!

Special Packages:

Beer and Steak Bachelor Party – Debauchery isn’t the right party for every groom. We provide a night of steak and beer, with specialty cuts that are paired with different beers from around the world. We begin with Bacon Wrapped Scallops that pair nicely with Ommegang Tripel Perfection and we move ahead from there with a menu curated to your taste.

Catch and Cook – If your perfect day involves sitting on a boat angling for some big catches, we can help you turn your haul into the perfect dinner party. We will setup and prep your home while you fish and be ready to cook when you come home with your big catch. We start with a nice bisque and finish with your score.

Murder Mystery Dinner – If you are looking for dinner and a show, we can help! Enjoy a multi course meal complete with clues, a murder weapon, and a night your guests will never forget. Begin with some intrigue and end with our souffle.