4 Hosting Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Party

Holiday Meal

The holidays should be a time for relaxing. Most of us get an extra day or two off of work – much-needed free time we haven’t had in awhile – which can be filled with the merriments of the holidays: eating, drinking, and spending time with loved ones.

But there is one category of people that don’t have it as easy over the holidays. These brave individuals are the ones who volunteer to host holiday dinner in their home. But, this year, there is no reason to force that smile while you are secretly envious of your guests. To all of the hosts and hostesses out there, these tips are for you!


#1. Make A List, Check It Twice

Don’t wait until the last minute to organize all of your party prepping ideas! Take an afternoon to sit down and make a list of all the things that need to be done in order to have a successful holiday party. Start with the recipes you will be making and list out all of the ingredients you will need. Then, write down all of the steps it will take to finalize all of the prep for the party. Delegating these tasks to people who will be joining you for the party is a great way to spread out all that needs done so it doesn’t weigh as heavily on your shoulders.


#2. Start Cooking Ahead Of Time

Never be afraid to prep some of the food in advance! No one will even be able to tell that you made the spinach and artichoke dip ahead of time. Freeze what you can and then move the food from the freezer to the fridge with enough time to thaw, and then, come time for the party, you won’t be running around the kitchen while your other guests mingle.


#3. Prep The Drinks In Advance

Making sure that you have all of the necessary drinks ahead of time will cut down on the night-before-the-party stress and will eliminate any hurried trips to the store. Stock up on any water, coffee, or soda weeks before the party! Can’t enjoy the holidays without a cocktail in hand? Mix the drinks in advance so your guests can serve themselves!


#4. Make A Dinner Party Playlist

Sometimes that awkward silence that happens as the party’s just getting started can make a host/hostess feel added, unnecessary stress. Make a playlist of songs that you can play as guests start arriving. Not only will it eliminate that dreaded silence, but playing music that you like will put your mind into a better place before the party even begins.

You bravely volunteered to host holiday dinner this year. You opened up your house to your loved ones and made sure that everything was set up and in place so that they could have a good time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your own happiness for the day! Hopefully these 4 tips make preparing for the holidays a little less stressful so that you won’t be afraid to volunteer to have holiday dinner at your place in the years to come!