Cook Like an Adult: Culinary Basics for Millennials

Cook Like An Adult (1)

Many millennials spend over 44% of their income eating out at restaurants, while others don’t know how to cook. Although the reason for this may be left unknown, there may come a time where you’ll need to know how to cook. If you want to be an adult, you need to know how to cook like an adult. Even if you’re low on a budget, cooking at home can actually help you save money rather than continue spending it on your daily meals. The best part about cooking at home is that you have the power to make it healthy, delicious and filling. Here are the top three basic meals you should learn to cook before you hit 30.


Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is the foundation to any good meal. Whether you’re feeling sick, looking to add flavor to a dish, or just missing some soul food, chicken broth is the way to go. For one, homemade chicken broth has way more added nutrients and vitamins than that canned stuff you buy at the grocery store. Broth is also a great foundation for meat dishes and soups, and risotto. It’s essential to learn how to make a great pot of chicken broth as it is such a universal food that can be used in almost any recipe! You can also freeze it to make it last for future recipes or use it right away, such as in chicken noodle soup! It’s the perfect food for a gloomy winter day or a warm summer night!



The trick to perfect spaghetti isn’t the noodles- it’s the sauce! Spaghetti is a great food filler that’ll keep your hunger under control. It’s also super easy to make and cost effective for any budget. There are various different variations of spaghetti, however it’s an essential food to learn to make. All you need is a couple cups of boiling water, and a sauce foundation of your choice. The rest is history.



Also known as a heavier food, chilli is a great homemade soul food. It’s great for a cold winter day, or hot summer day. Although it is a little time effective, you’ll also keep your hunger under control as the main ingredient is meat. Chilli is also a great food to learn to cook as you can make different variations. Whether you’re a lover of hot and spicy, or mild and cool, this comfort food will want you making more. Don’t forget about the great benefits you’ll gain from the food, such as fiber and vitamins!