Top Meals to Eat Healthy in 2016

2016 is around the corner and with that there will be many people who will be looking to decide on some new year’s resolutions. Here are some awesome food ideas to help you eat healthy for the new year!


Power bowls

Power bowls are becoming the new trend for people who are looking to eat healthier. There are various types of bowls, such as protein bowls, broth bowls and quinoa bowls. Many people for lunch or dinner will have a bowl with certain type of whole grain such as brown rice or quinoa, with a meat and a vegetable. For breakfast, your bowl can consist of fruit, yogurt or whole grain. This meal is great way to start off your day.


Healthy Fats 

Fats are extremely important part of to anyone’s diet. However, there are different types of fats, with some being healthier than others. Unsaturated fats are very important and are seen to be known as the healthier fats. One of the biggest unsaturated fats that has been on the rise is avocado. Avocado has been a very popular trend for many people, either people make in a salad or some smear on some bread. I believe this trend will continue into 2016 because it is healthy and tastes great!


Plant-based meals

Vegetables are very important with every meal and have continued to trend upward in the right direction in regards to healthy eating. The great news is that vegetables are no longer being considered as the “side” dish, meals have been seen be more centered around vegetables. Mushrooms are being replaced for ground beef and Lasagnas are being layered with spinach and eggplant. Some new vegetables that are believed to popular are kohlrabi, kalettes, parsnips,


Spiralized vegetables

Getting creative with making vegetables is great idea. Vegetables made into pasta-like noodles have been the most popular of them all. This is great way to decrease your calorie count as well get some grains into your body. You can find cookbooks that have tons of recipes on making spiralized vegetables and also check out pinterest, they always have something interesting!

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