Top 5 Burritos in San Diego, California

Nico’s Mexican Food

At the top of the list we have Nico’s Mexican Food. They have 3 locations in San Diego, so you know they must be really good. This average sized burrito is a hot commodity for the people in San Diego. Many people say when they buy a burrito, it does not have enough of something, well not at Nico’s. Nico has the perfect amount of meat, cheese, and toppings. Definitely check this place out!


Lucha Libre

This excellent Mexican restaurant is known for their unusual but delicious burritos. The only place you will find the the Famous “TJ” dog is  at Lucha Libre. This consists of an all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled vegetables. Another famous burrito they have here  is Surfin’ California burrito which is stuffed with steak, shrimp, chipotle mayo, house-made french fries and more. Talk about a stuffed burrito ? Right ? The good new is you can purchase this fully stacked burrito up until 2:30 a.m!


Don Bravo

Don Bravo is different from your normal mexican restaurant and I say this because it has more of an upscale feel to it. You can enjoy some awesome well prepared burritos with breathtaking views of the ocean. They also have great frozen margaritas! Check this place out!



Saguaro’s is one of the top places to check out if you’re interested in taking down a burrito. The location of this restaurant is also in a prime spot because they are located very close to where all the nightlife takes place! Also, don’t worry about when this place closes because they are open 24 hours! What can better ? Another good thing to know about Saguaro’s is that their meat is extremely flavorful and tender.



Rudy’s is another place to check out if you’re ever in the california area and are in need an awesome burrito. If you come to Rudy’s you must get the Cali burrito. Their Cali burrito consists of excellent marinated meat, french fries, cheese and sour cream. This is an awesome place and will be wanting to come back as soon as you leave!
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