Do you want to eat healthy? Check out the best ways to get started


Have a Plan

When someone is trying to eat healthy, one of the main things is to come up with a structured plan on what you are going to eat for the week. Once you have an idea of what your meals will consist of you won’t have that temptation of eating unhealthy meals to often. I suggest every Sunday, meal prep for the week ahead and decide what you will doing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This can be a great start for someone trying to eat healthy!

Restock your cabinets

Everyone has that certain urge for snacks like cookies, chips and ice cream. I suggest you try and fill your cabinets with healthier snack such as greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, rice cakes. It will make a big difference in your diet and you won’t be trying to eat that oreo from the box. Also, by restocking your cabinets it will give you the ability to take healthy snacks with you to work and you won’t have to cheat.

Get Creative

Eating healthy isn’t always fun. Meals could be boring and not be what your taste buds are looking for. What should you do? Well, try and incorporate a flavor that will give your meal something that you will enjoy eating. For example, sautee some of your vegetables with some garlic and oil, add some pepper salt. These things are fine but you shouldn’t over due them with it. Also, another thing to check out is flavorgod– one of the best healthy seasonings on the market right now. They have great variety of different flavors that will be sure to get you excited to eat.

Set Aside one Cheat day a week

It is still okay to have a cheat meal of your choice. This can actually be good for you if you have been eating healthy all week because your body will be not used to absorbing something different. Also, you do not want have splurge of eating unhealthy foods during the week because that is when you overeat and become unhappy with yourself. Set aside a day, but make sure your cheat meals are portioned.


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