The Importance of Staying Hydrated

As a chef, I understand the enjoyment of a delicious meal, a night out at a great restaurant and all of the fun parties and festival food you’ll eat all summer long. However, as we think about food, it’s also important to think about drinking. Water is vital to your daily routine in order for you to stay hydrated. Although this strays from my normal topics on cooking tips and good food, here’s the importance of staying hydrated.


How Much Water Does Your Body Need?


This is a highly debated topic and although I’m not a doctor and can’t prescribe your daily dosage of water in ounces, there is a pretty standard answers. While some base the amount of water your body needs off of how much you weigh, others go with a simple amount no matter what you weigh.


Your body is made up of over 60% water. Because of this, water is constantly flushing through your body. Without drinking water, your body has no fresh water to circulate, meaning dirty water will flow through your organs until you give your body the clean water it needs.


You can use Camelbak’s hydration calculator to see how much water you should drink on a daily basis taking into account your weight, height, age and gender. However, a standard 13 cups of water is recommended for men and 9 cups are recommended for women based on what experts say about hydration.  


Hydration is Vital in the Heat


When the temperatures rise, your will naturally body sweat, releasing water from your body. In order to stay hydrated and beat the heat, drinking water is how your body stays healthy. Water optimizes your blood pressure, regulates your body temperature, aids in your digestion and more. The benefits of water are proof that your body doesn’t function without it.


In the hot sun, swimming at the pool, or even relaxing on the beach can dehydrate you. Your brain is made up of about 75% water. That means without fresh water throughout the day, your brain doesn’t get the water it needs to function during all of your fun summer activities.


Signs You Might Be Dehydrated


While you’re out having fun in the sun, keep an eye out for these signs that your body may be dehydrated:


  • Your mouth feels dry or sticky
  • Fatigue or “fuzzy” feeling in your head
  • Reduced urine output (you should be going 6-7 times per day)
  • Dark urine
  • Dry or droopy eyes
  • Slow movement

If at any time you experience those signs, you should drink an 8oz glass of water slowly. Then, ensure you’re drinking the proper amount throughout the rest of the day.


Water is a way to replenish your body, and give it the boost it needs throughout the day. It refreshes your body in hot temperatures and can bring your body temperature down to normal. Drinking enough water will make sure you have a healthy summer despite the heat.