Fire In the Kitchen: The Hottest Recipes for Summer

It’s that time of year. The birds chirp a little louder, the sun begins to stay out a little longer, and the food gets a little more fun. If you’re looking to spice things up in your kitchen, get out of your comfort zone and make some amazing recipes, you’ve got to try these out.


Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wraps

Heat Meter: Mild with a bit of Wild

You can make an amazing meal that’s healthy and still tastes delicious. Wraps are always an easy meal to throw together in little time, but with lots of flavor. Here’s a Hawaiian twist on a BBQ chicken wrap. This is a perfect recipe for when you’re in a pinch, but still want great food.

This recipe’s heat meter is only mild, however you can determine the spiciness simply by choosing your own flavor of BBQ sauce. The Hawaiian flavor is brought out through pineapples and natural herbs (this recipe calls for cilantro). You will love these quick ingredients for an easy, healthy meal.


Spicy Fireball Buffalo Fries

Heat Meter: Grab the Water

Guy Fieri recently wrote a book, Guy on Fire. To make everyone happy, he came up with a recipe of french fries with a kick. Fry seasoning and buffalo hot sauce drizzled over russet potatoes will wake up your tastebuds. The fry seasoning is packed with flavorful spices – cayenne pepper, paprika and garlic to name a few. Guy adds cinnamon whiskey in with the buffalo hot sauce for a fiery flavor.

This recipe is definitely not your go-to healthy meal, but it’s a great side dish to add some heat to your dinner.


Southern Hot Corn

Heat Meter: Hot and Heavy

If you’re looking for a killer side dish that doubles as a dip, look no further. Spicy corn is the way to go. A traditional southern recipe, southern hot corn typically is served during the winter holidays. But why not bring it back for a summer dinner?

The recipe calls for a good amount of veggies – corn, jalapeño peppers, red bell peppers and pickled peppers. In addition to cheese, you have the art to master the spiciness. Controlling how hot this dish is, you can add hot sauce, extra jalapeños, or even a spicy green pepper salsa to the mix. If you want to enjoy the spice, or make your guests grab their water, spicy southern corn is the way to go.


Sweet Chili Grilled Chicken

Heat Meter: Sweet but Sassy

Here’s a great excuse to get the grill out. Sweet chili grilled chicken can be served as is, or turned into kabobs. Whether it’s a meal or an appetizer is completely up to you. This is another meal that you have control over the level of spiciness. You can make it sweet with a sassy kick, or spicy enough that you’ll sweat just thinking about one bite.

The recipe takes less than an hour to prepare and cook, so it’s great if you want something easy. Whether it’s just a family meal or you are having guests over, you can modify this recipe to your preference.


Cajun Philly Cheesesteak Wraps

Heat Meter: Hot and Heavy

A cheesesteak with a fiery flavor, can you imagine? This cajun twist on Philly cheese steaks will have your mouth watering. Chop steak and cheese with jalapeños and cayenne pepper makes for the best spicy cheese steak. You can turn it up a notch by adding hot sauce to your liking.

Cheesesteak is a fast, easy to make meal with that comfort food quality. Of course carbs and cheese aren’t the healthiest meal, but throw some onions and other veggies in there and that’ll do.
No matter what your preference is, let these recipes be your guide to flavorful fun this summer.