A Chef’s Advice: How to Turn Your Backyard BBQ into an Elegant Meal

Everyone love’s a backyard barbecue in the summer time. The weather is nice, the food is great and the company is even better. Barbecue dinners with the family can be pretty laid back and easy to do. So why not combine an easy meal with an elegant evening? Here’s how you can turn your backyard barbecue into a classy meal for a fine dining evening.


Place Setting


Normally with a barbeque, no one sets the table. It’s more of a buffet style. To make your barbeque a little more fancy, set the table. A properly set table, even on your back deck, can set a higher quality atmosphere for your meal. Place setting brings family together for quality time which every family needs.


Cloth Napkins


On top of having a nicely set table, make sure you use cloth napkins, just as they use in restaurants. Cloth sounds and feels fancy, but it’s actually low maintenance as well. Cloth is sustainable because instead of throwing napkins away, you can reuse them. A quick wash after meals and then they’re ready to be used again and again. They look beautiful on the table and will give you a fancier meal.




Set the ambiance for your meal by illuminating your backyard. As the sun goes down, you’ll have the soft glow of dimmed lights. Low-lit lights are great for creating a warm environment on a summer evening. Much like at many restaurants, the lights are dimmed for ambiance. Simple deck lighting is fine, but if you want to get fancy, you can string lights across your deck too. Going beyond your fancy barbecue meal, you’ll be able to enjoy the lights all summer long after it gets dark.


Smoked Brisket


Pulled pork is a popular barbeque meal, but bring out your inner chef and smoke a brisket. The barbeque brisket is a fancier meet than simple pork. It’s pretty easy to cook even though it takes a while to smoke and cook all the way through. You can use your grill to smoke the brisket if you don’t have a meat smoker. Whether it’s just a family dinner or you have friends over to entertain, all of the guests at the table will be impressed by a smoked brisket instead of the ordinary pulled pork.


Wine and Beer


Bring out your inner wine connoisseur and pair a bottle for your meal. Add a nice option of a summer ale or other beer for the meal. By thinking about what drink to pair with your meal, you’ll ensure a fine dining pallet taste for the evening. This is a great way to kick back and enjoy the meal as well as your company. Wine and beer go great with brisket, and will make you feel like you’re at an elegant restaurant in the comfort of your backyard barbecue.